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This is the heart of this app. The database contains over 100,000 used hashtags in which you can find the perfect hashtags for your posts.

At the top you will find the following things:

Search input field

Enter here what you are looking for a hash tag for, for example Pizza. After you press Go, the database will be searched for all hashtags that contain the word Pizza. These will then be displayed in the order of frequency of use.
You can also search several terms at the same time, just separate them with a comma (,). The results of each search term are displayed individually in the list and are not mixed.


After you have entered the search terms in the input field, you can click here to start the search. The results will be sorted and displayed in the list below.


If you miss certain hashtags in the database, you can enter them here. These are then always displayed above the search results if they match your search.

Below the input line you will find the following buttons:

With these buttons you can scroll through the results in the list below. There are three different functions of these buttons:

Single Click

With a single click, the list scrolls up or down by exactly one ad length. So you can easily scroll through the different results without missing one.

Double Click

If you have searched for several words, the results will be listed for each word individually. With a double click you always get automatically to the results of the next or previous search term.

Hold Pressed

With this function you jump directly to the end or the beginning of the list.

The actual list can be found under these buttons.
It shows the results of your search.

BILD with colorful entries

Some entries can be highlighted in color:

Green colored

The green colored entries are your own hashtags. These are always displayed above the search results from the database if they match the search results.

Blue colored

Blue coloured entries are hashtags which you have already inserted in your hash tag field on the main screen. So you can see at a glance if you need to add this hashtag again or if you already have it.

The following buttons are located at the bottom of the screen: PICTURE


Add any hashtags you have selected in the result list to your hash tag field on the main screen. Entries you have added will be highlighted in blue so you don't have to select them again.
If you select or add duplicate entries anyway, they will be sorted out, so there will be no duplicate entries.


Here you return to the main screen