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Social Media Account Gallery

Browse this gallery to find accounts that match your interests or add your account as well so other users will be aware of you and your account.

You are directly in the gallery. At the top you can filter the entries by topics. Each registered account can select up to three topics, which apply to his account. Only accounts that are really relevant for you and your interests will be displayed.

Each field per registered account has the same structure, it consists of: PICTURE

At the bottom you will find the following buttons: PICTURE

Register Account

If you also want to add your account to the list, you can do so here. The button will take you to a new screen where you can enter the following information:

Link to account | Required

Create here the link that leads directly to your social media account, it doesn't matter if it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere.

E-Mail | Optional

At this point you can enter your e-mail address, you will then be informed that your account has now been added to the list.

Description | Optional

You have 250 characters available to deposit a short description of your account.
The description is optional, but keep in mind that you can use it to draw the attention of other possible followers to your account.

Topics | Optional

Click on the button to get a list of topics. You can choose up to three different themes that describe your account or go well with it.

Account level | Required

Here you can select the type of entry, the following account levels are possible:

The levels differ in the type of display and the color. Accounts with the Diamond level are always at the top of the list and are not considered by the filters. This means, no matter which filter settings the user chooses, these accounts are always visible and are always at the top. The Gold level is influenced by filters, but is always displayed above the normal account level. The Normal level is also affected by the filter and is displayed immediately after the Gold level.
In general, the newest registered accounts always appear at the top of your level!

Account level: Normal

This is the normal level, it is free and influenced by filters. So if someone filters for topics that you have not selected for your account, your account will not be displayed in the list.

Account level: Gold

If you enter your account as a gold level, it will always be displayed above the normal account levels. Even if a new account with a normal level is entered after your entry, your account is popular above the normal levels.

Account level: Diamond

This is the top level you can choose. Accounts with this level are always displayed at the top of the list and are not affected by filters. This means that even if a user selects a filter that does not apply to your account, it will still be displayed. This level is suitable for everyone who wants their account always top placed and always visible.