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Main screen

On this screen you create your final contribution. You enter your post text and the hashtags, and can shortcut directly to the social media app of your choice.

At the top of the screen you will find two different buttons:

at the first start of the app


Click here to go to the welcome page where you can access the latest news, options, language selection and social media gallery.

Add Link

You can add links to various social media apps installed on your device. So you can start them quickly as soon as you have prepared your post.
You will be taken to another screen where you can see all installed and supported social media apps. There you can choose which duals shortcut you want to have displayed in the main screen.

below the links you will find two text fields with buttons on the side


Field for contribution text

In this field you can write your message text, which should appear apart from hashtags. For example a description to an instagrambild or the text for Twitter etc.

Delete text

click on this button to delete the contents of the text field, a previous query will appear so you can't accidentally delete your text.

Field for hashtags

Insert your hashtags here, either manually or through the app. You don't have to write the # symbol in front of each hash tag, this happens automatically at the end. Each single word will be interpreted as a hashtag accordingly.

Read hash tags

If you found a post on Instagram or Twitter from which you want to download the hashtags for further use, you can do so here. Simply insert the link to the post in the prompt that appears and, if possible, the hashtags used will be added to your hashtag field.

Save Hashtags

With this button you can save your hashtags. This is very useful for creating sets for certain topics, such as food, clothes, holidays etc.

Delete Hashtags

This button has two functions:

The following buttons are located under the text fields:



Here you get to the database, where you can search for matching hashtags of over 100.000 hashtags using words.


If you have already saved hashtags for certain topics, you can insert them into the hashtag field here.


You don't have any hashtags or you want to find more about your topic? Then you can do this here and have suggestions displayed.


With the translator you can have words and word groups translated into over 100 different languages so that you can also use linguistically regional hashtags.


On different days in the year certain hashtags are used particularly strongly. Here you can find an overview to plan your contributions.


When you have finished editing your text and the hashtags for the post, you can copy the contents of both fields here to the clipboard to paste them into the respective social media app.