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Here you have influence on different behaviors of the app, so that you can configure it the way you like it most.

At the top of the screen there is a button to change the language and remove the advertisement.
Please understand that a lot of work has gone into this app and it needs to be refinanced. I've tried to make the advertising as little annoying as possible, if you want to deactivate it, just click the button. You can then deactivate it via an in-app purchase.

You can change the following settings:

Start Screen

Select whether you want to land on the welcome screen with the latest news when you start the app or whether you want to start directly on the main app screen.


If you select these two options you will get a warning if you have selected more than 30 hashtags (on instagram only 30 hashtags are counted). If you choose the Twitter option, you will be shown the used characters of your message, so you can definitely stay within the 160 character limit.

Today's Hashtags

If you are not interested in the hashtags on the Social Media Calendar, you can uncheck the display of the hashtags here. They will not be shown separately in the welcome screen or in the search results of the database.

Backup Creation

Your text and hash day input is automatically saved in case the app unexpectedly quits. Here you can select whether this backup should be deleted automatically when you copy text and hashtags to post them. If you want to keep the backup, you have to clear the fields for the text and the hashtags separately each time you start the app on the main screen (both solved with simple buttons).