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Here you can have different suggestions made to your words, which are related to your search term to achieve a greater variation of hashtags for the same topic.

At the top of the screen are the input field for your search and the button to start the search.

below are two buttons for navigation in the results.

With these buttons you can scroll through the results in the list below. There are three different functions of these buttons:

Single Click

With a single click, the list scrolls up or down by exactly one ad length. So you can easily scroll through the different results without missing one.

Double Click

If you have searched for several words, the results will be listed for each word individually. With a double click you always get automatically to the results of the next or previous search term.

Hold Pressed

With this function you jump directly to the end or the beginning of the list.

There are also three buttons at the bottom of the screen:

Search Database

With this button you automatically search for further entries in the database for all selected search results in the list (will be opened and searched directly).

Add Hashtags

All selected results will be converted to hashtags and entered into the hashtags text field on the main screen.


Return to the last used screen with this button.