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With the integrated translator you can have simple words to word groups translated into over 100 languages.
As the most commonly used language in social media is English, it is recommended to use mainly English hashtags in order to ensure the widest possible dissemination of your contributions.

At the top of the screen you can set the languages, the language in which you want to write the words and the language into which you want to translate them.
Below you will find the input field and the button to start the translation.

If you have translated a term or a group of words, the translation will appear in the lower text field. Here you can then make changes to the result.

The buttons below have the following functions:

Copy Translation

This button copies the complete translation to your clipboard. You can then paste it directly into the hash tag text box on the main screen.
You don't have to put a hash tag in front of each word/group of words, this is done automatically when you press the Copy button in the main screen.

Remove Space

If you have translated a phrase, you can remove the spaces between the words to make it a hashtag (hashtags don't contain spaces, the app interprets this as a new HAshtag).

Remove Separator

If you have translated several words or groups of words and separated them by commas, you can remove them here. In this case, they will be replaced with a space so that each word or phrase is interpreted as a single hash tag.
When translating several groups of words, it is recommended to keep to the order "remove spaces" first and then "remove separators", otherwise hashtags that have been put together incorrectly may occur.

Search Database

This button opens the database and enters the result of your translation directly into the search and searches for it.

Search in Suggestions

This button works like "Search in database" only with the difference that the result of the translation is searched for Suggestions.


Here you return to the window from which you started the translator.