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if you can read this, you are probably only a short distance away from owning a new, very helpful social media app.

With Hashtag Database you can get more Likes and followers and increase your range. And this completely without buying fake followers or being dependent on other services.

Everyone is forging their own happiness, so take a piece of steel (your postings), grab an anvil and forge hammer (Hashtag Database) and forge your own happiness!

How it works:
Hashtag Databse contains more than 100,000 of the most used hashtags. You can browse this database (offline) and find the hashtags that are right for you and add them to your posting.
For example, is there a really good looking pizza in front of you (pictures of food always go!)? Open the database and search for pizza and you will see the most used hashtags containing the word pizza.
(image of hastagdatabase pizza)

Want to add more variety to your hashtags? Then use the possibility to display alternative words. This allows you to cover an even wider range of hashtags, which are still connected to your original hashtag and will also appeal to potential followers.

If you are now curious and want more information, you can have a look at the tutorial pages on the left, alternatively you can download the app for free at Google Play and test it. Just click on the Google Play BAnner at the bottom left and you will be taken directly to the Playstore where you can download the app.

If you have questions, suggestions or problems, you can always write me an email, I will try to answer as soon as possible:

Good luck in social media, I hope Hashtag Database can serve you well on the way to more Likes and Follower :)